5 Reasons to Legalize Weed

There are a million reasons to legalize marijuana, here are a few of my faves to add to the echo chamber. Maybe it’ll echo loud enough for the folks on capital hill to hear and take notice.

1. Safety

Legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol are linked with 10s of thousands of deaths each year. According to the DEA, there have been ZERO deaths from marijuana overdose reported ever. I don’t think we should need any other reason beyond that, but I’ll continue anyway.

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2. Pharmacology

Marijuana has a wide variety of pharmacological applications from assisting those with opioid use disorders, to helping users who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, even Crohn’s Disease. A simple plant has the ability to cheaply provide an enormous amount of relief to huge segments of the population.

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3. Tax Revenue

The potential tax revenue from the legal sale and taxation of marijuana is staggering. Reports from New Frontier Data estimate that by stalling legalization the US is leaving $131.8 billion on the table. That’s tax money that could be use to fund public schools, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and develop green energy solutions. Or we can continue our collapse into a Mad Max world of leather and CHAOS.

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4. Racist Incarceration

It’s no secret that arrests and incarceration for possession of weed disproportionately affects Black Americans. Not only is this unfair, but it slows down our courts, it cost tax payer money, and it creates a post prison population of Americans who will undoubtably have difficulty finding employment. All this because folks with darker skin than the majority of Americans wanted to get high. Truly shameful.

SOURCE: Racial Disparity

5. Cancer

Cancer patients have long been prescribed a little ganja to help with the chronic pain and nausea associated with the treatments many forms of cancer require. New studies show that weed might have additional benefits to patients, including the slowing of cell growth when certain cancers are exposed to THC and other cannabinoids.

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